The Great Migration was the movement of 1.4 million imigrants out of the Southern  United States to the North,
Midwest and West from 1910 to 1930.
Precise estimates of  the number of migrants depend on the time frame.
People migrated to escape racism and seek employment opportunities in industrial cities. Some historians differentiate between the First Great Migration (1910–40), numbering about 1.6 million migrants, and the Second Great Migration, from 1940–70.
In the  Second Migration, 5 million or more people relocated, with the migrants moving to more new destinations. Many moved from Texas and Louisiana to California where there were jobs in the defense industry.
The new generation were raised and schooled in South Central Los Angeles
where many creative and talented artists live.
This program's mission is to expose worldwide the talent in this community and
not everything from
South Central is BAD.

The Artists PlayList
  The South Central Radio Show #1
        Hosted by Brandino

                     1. Rats in my Kitchen by Roy Gaines
                            (Horns arranged by Benjamin Wright)
                     2. Where is the World Going ? by Brandino and Friends
                           (Recorded live at Charlie O's Supper Club 2009 soon to be released)
                     3.Tell me a Bedtime Story by John Beasley

                     4. Miss Mean by Ray Bailey
                          (Recorded live at Babe's and Ricky's Inn)
                     5. Ode to Train by Brandino and Friends
                          (Recorded live at Charlie O's Supper Club 2008)
                     6. Soko by Henry Franklin

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